UK-1401 Low-frequency Ultrasonic Tester

UK1401 ultrasonic tester is suitable for measuring of time and velocity of ultrasonic waves in hard materials at surface sounding at a fixed base. The measurements taken can indicate the strength and integrity of materials and constructions

The device features an ergonomical body from light shock-proof plastic that makes it very convinient to work in field.

Two built-in DPC (dry point contact) transducers allow to control materials without contact liquid. The transducers are wear-resistant and are not influenced by condition of surface allowing not to prepare the surface for control.

Areas of application

  • determination of the strength and integrity of concrete. The evaluation is based on correlation between time and velocity of ultrasound waves in material and its mechanical parameters and physical condition.
  • search of close-to-surface flaws by speed decreasing or increasing in the flaw spot
  • evaluation of the degree of anisotropy in composite materials
  • evaluation of the degree of concrete aging
  • evaluation of the bearing ability of concrete supports and posts
  • evaluation of deepness of the cracks
  • evaluation of the age of material (if its physical qualities change with time)
  • evaluation of porosity and fissuring of the material


  • built-in automatic gain regulation system
  • sound indication of signal receiving
  • ability to save the results of measurements into memory. The device features 4000 memory slots with the ability to sort results in groups
  • infrared connection to PC
  • simple operation using 5 button keyboard
  • automatic turn off




Time measurement range

15 - 100 microseconds

Velocity measurement range

1500 - 9999 m/s

Crack deepness measurement range

10-50 mm

Measuring error, not more than


Working frequency

50 kHz

Zonding frequency

5-20 Hz

Operation temperature range

from -20°С to +50°С

Operation time

100 hours


200 x 120 x 35 mm

Length of the ultrasoniс transducers

45 mm

Weight of electronic unit

350 g

Quantity of objects in memory


Basic delivery set



UK1401 - electronic unit of an ultrasonic tester with built-in transducers


Calibration sample for UK1401


Set of AA Alkaline 2,6 Ah batteries (3 pcs.) for A1209, UK1401


Bag for UK1401


External IrDA adapter for connection to PC


Software for moving data to PC