A1212 MASTER Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic flaw detector A1212 MASTER LIGHT - is a fully-digital, small-sized flaw detector for common tasks. It features high measurement accuracy and speed and is suitable for wide range of testing tasks.


  • small weight and size allow to operate the device in difficult conditions and also make the device convinient in trips and on site
  • the most lightweight flaw detector - 650 grams with the battery
  • maximum operation time - 15 hours
  • ergonomical design - the device can be conviniently held with one hand
    • liquid crystal display with high resolution (320*240 pixels) with illumination and heating, that allows to operate in temperature range from -20°С to +50°С
  • intuitive interface of setup and operation
  • shockproof, IP65 construction
  • big setup library (100 configurations)
  • memory for 500 A-scans with corresponding parameters
  • traditional A-scans with ability to display signals both in detected and in undetected form
  • envelope line for remembering the maximums of the signals
    • automatic detection of the signal level and flaw coordinates while working with flaw monitor (two strobes)
  • ability to manually measure the level and the coordinates of the received signals with the screen cursor
  • programmable form of the zonding pulse
  • frequency of zonding pulse can be modified (up to 200 Hz)
  • DAC-function
  • additional modes: "freeze", "zoom"
  • thickness measurement mode
  • high speed USB connection to PC
  • compatibility with wide range of transducers


А1212 MASTER PROFI has a fully digital section, so it has several features, that apply only to devices of that type.

 Digital DAC allows to modify the signal, based on certain function set up by 32 node points. Setting up, modifying and deleting the points is done through a special DAC editing mode, which allows to watch how the changes affect the signal. This allows to quickly setup DAC even with little experience.

 RF type signal (radiosignal) - the ability to view the signal in undetected mode in real-time, that allows to closely examine the signal and distinguish the signals from close reflectors.

Intuitive interface

  • Quick access to control functions

In any operation mode, the lower part of the screen features an icon menu, which allows toquickly setup the device and gain access to various functions.

  • Large library of configurations (100 variants)

You can setup the device for various materials and testing objects in the lab, and on-site just select the approriate configuration from the menu. All setups are stored in the energy independent memory.

  • Energy independent memory for 500 A-scan with corresponding parameters
  • Signal viewing in the upper part in the Menu mode

Watching the signal on the screen, you can quickly change the testing parameters.

  • Semiautomatic procedure of angle correction and latency in the crystal in case of transducer wearing
  • Operation with external PC

Connection to the external PC is made through a high speed USB port. ADM3 software features the following abilities:

- work on the PC in online flaw detector mode, use a PC as a demonstrational flaw detector

- set up the testing configurations on the PC and upload them to the device

      - compose different forms of work protocols, edit, save and print them




Maximum thickness of the object of control

3500 mm

Working frequencies

from 0,5 to 15,0 MHz

Flaw detector dynamic range, not less than

100 dB

Flaw detector range of changing time intervals

from 1 to 1200 mks

Material velocity range

from 1000 to 15000 m/s

Receiver broadband frequency

from 0,14 to 21 MHz

Gain regulation range

from 0 to 90 dB

Dynamic DAC range, not less than

30 dB 

Zonding pulse parameters:


- number of periods

from 0,5 to 5

- amplitude

20, 100, 200 V

- leading edge, not more than

20 ns