BASTION Stationary X-Ray Units with Liquid Cooling

The BASTION model “M” series, with AC main supply and microprocessor control, are designed for radiography in stationary conditions. Due to the small focal spot of BASTION 160-320 M it can be used in X-ray TV systems as well.

The monoblock consists of the X-ray glass insert with grounded anode and high-voltage power supply located in a metal cylindrical body. The monoblock is filled with transformer oil under vacuum and has oil compensator and tips for connecting liquid cooling.

The flexible low-voltage cable connects the monoblock and the power and control block. The Power and Control block (PCB) consists of different functional devices both with power electronics and microprocessor control. They are mounted on PCB and collected in a plastic rectangular box with forced ventilation of power components. At the standard configuration the design of the block provides its wall mounted installation. 

The unit has automated self-diagnostics and X-ray tube training routines as well as all necessary electronic protection circuits ensuring its reliable operation.

Standard delivery set:

  • Monoblock;
  • Power and Control block (PCB); 
  • Portable Remote control unit with cable (RCU);    
  • Signal lamp with cable;
  • Set of cables;
  • Set of hoses;
  • Operation manuals;
  • Shipping cases.


  • Autonomic liquid cooling system.

Technical parameter




160 M

200 M

250 M

Maximum anode power

300 Wt

1000 Wt

Anode voltage (step length 1 kV)

10 – 160 kV

10 – 200 kV

10 – 250 kV

Anode current (step length 0,1 mA)

0,5 – 2 mA

0,5–7,5 mA

Focal spot

0,8 х 0,8 mm

2 х 2 mm

2,8 х 3 mm

Operating temperature range 

-10 – +45° C

Angle of X-ray beam 

40° х 60°

Maximum current and voltage instability




Weight of Monoblock

16 kg

18 kg

24 kg

Dimensions of Monoblock

140 х 620 mm

140 х 640 mm

180 х 805 mm

Dimensions of Power and Control block

415 × 250 × 200 mm

Weight of Power and Control block

9,5 kg

Type of X-ray insert

0,32BDI22-160 (glass)

1,2BPE21-200 (glass)

1,8BPE11-300 (glass)