A1207/A1207C Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

This is the smallest and the most light-weight thickness gauge in the world, that has all of the necessary functions and at the same time is very easy to use. The device has a built-in transducer with working frequency of 10 MHz and is and ideal solution for express control.

 Areas of application

The thickness gauge is suitable for thickness measuremnt of metal and plastiс pipes, boilers, vessles with surface roughness of up to Rz160 and curvature radius of 10 mm.

  • chemical and oil & gas industries
  • ship construction and ship repairs
  • energy production
  • very easy to setup and use
  • built-in transducer with workin frequency of 10 MHz
  • can work on temperatures from -30°С to +55°С
  • 4 preset ultrasound velocities with the ability to change them
  • low cost
  • small size and weight (can be carried in pocket)
  • V-correction
  • user can substitute the built-in transducer
  • fully digital operation
  • built-in NiMH rechargeable battery
  • external power and charging unit included




Thickness measurement range(for steel)

from 0,8 to 35 mm

Discreteness of measuring thickness

0,1 mm

Minimal curvature radius

10 mm



Material velocity range

from 1000 to 9000 m/s

Discreteness of velocity tuning

10 m/s

Type of built-in trnasducer

double-crystal (10MHz)

Diameter of a working surface

6 mm

Operating temperature range

from -30°С to +55°С

Display type

LED display

Operation time

24 hours 


143 х 26 х 18 mm

Weight of electronic unit

55 g

 Basic delivery set 



А1207 - electronic unit of an ultrasonic thickness gauge with a built-in double-crystal probe


External charging unit


Calibration sample for A1207


Bag for A1207, A1207C