A1270 EMA Ultrasonic Thickness gauge

A1270 is suitable for thickness gauging of pars from aluminum and its alloys without contact liquids. EMA transducers are not sensitive to the surface condition and also allow to work through coating or with an air gap.

Areas of application

  • Thickness measuring of parts from metals and alloys without any contact liquid
  • Testing of cellular constructions with aluminum plating
  • Evaluation of degree of corrosion or errosion in materials
  • Evaluation of degree of anisotropy
  • Testing of tensely-deformed condition of parts and units in engines


The device is constructed to work with EMA transducers of SH waves, made by Acoustic Control Systems.

The results are shown in mm with accuracy of 0,01 mm. It can be stored in device memory and restored on-screen at any time. Accumulated data can then be tranferred to PC for archiving, backup or printing.

Graphical and text information are shown on LCD with LED illumination. LEMO connectors are used to connect the transducers. 

  • small size and weight of the electronic unit and the trnaducers
  • extended range of measring thicknesses (0,5 - 100 mm for aluminum)
  • differnet types of EMA transducers (with radial polarization, with linear polarization)
  • works without contct liquids
  • different modes of the device operation: measurement, review, setup
  • easy to setup and use: calibration on material, automatic speed setup
  • automatic setup of basic transducers setting while calibrating
  • memory for 752100 measurements and 60 A-scans
  • conncetion with PC using a high-speed USB-port
  • low dependency of measurement results from surface condition
  • correlational signal processing
  • IP65 construction


Extended device menu and several working modes allow to use the thickness gause to solve different testing problems.

 SETUP mode

The different transducers types can be setup, their zero-procedure, calibration, material parameters, operations with configurations can be done in this mode.


This mode allows to:

- measure thickness;

- detect minimal and maximum thickness values;

- write the results into memory, correct them or clear the memory

A specialized algorithm is used for thickness measuring, that can automatically adjust gain, choose the method of measurement and the discreteness of the information display. For operative analysis the display shows all the necessary information: method of measuring thickness, signal level, general information on testing parameters and previously written results.


This mode is sutable for measuring thickness while watching the form of the echo-signals. This allows to analyze the thickness measurement accuracy in difficult testing situations.

This mode allows to:

- measure thickness;

- choose one of three methods of thickness measurement (threshold, two echo-signals, ACF);

-  ZOOM the received signals;

- write the A-scans with all the corresponding parameters into memory;

- work witl previously written frames.

Convinient and easy-to-use interface, which allows fast switching between modes and quick access to setups and functions, makes setup and use of device really simple and widens the testing possibilities.




Thickness measurement range(for stell)

from 1    to 50   mm

Thickness measurement range(for aluminum)

from 0,5 to 100 mm

Discreteness of measuring thickness:

- from 0,50 to 9,99

0,01 mm

- from 10,0 to 99,0

0,1 mm

Measuring error, not more than

±(0,5%+0,01/0,1) mm

Material velocity range

1000 - 9000 m/s

Working frequencies range

2,5-5,0 MHz

Quantity of objects in memory

752100 measurements and

60 A-Scans

Display type

LED display

Power supply (built-in rechargeable battery)

7,2 V

Operation time(with illumination)

10 (8) hours

Operating temperature range

from -20°С to +50°С


245 х 120 х 40 mm

Weight of electronic unit

650 g