Visual Testing (VT)

Visual Testing (VT)

This course provides basic knowledge of the principles of direct and remote visual inspection and examination. Emphasis is placed on weldments with additional information on corrosion, valve inspection and the steel making process. The specific requirements of codes and specifications, including acceptance criteria are discussed in detail. As well as covering all the theoretical aspects of this method, the course includes processes of improving visual inspection reliability and the use of a variety of visual equipment.

This course is orientated towards candidate NDT inspectors.



  • Definitions
  • Vision Lighting
  • Environmental factors, direct and indirect methods of visual assessment
  • Visual inspection equipment
  • RVI (Remote Visual Inspection), borescopes, endoscopes, welding gauges
  • Surface conditions
  • Inspection and testing criteria Relevant standards
  • Reporting method
  • Material technology
  • Assessment of discontinuities


  • Definitions
  • Acquaintance with the relevant equipment
  • Illuminators
  • Testing of several training samples with artificial and natural discontinuities
  • Visual inspection equipment
  • Surface conditions
  • Location and assessment of discontinuities
  • Evaluation of discontinuities
  • Materials technology
  • Report


Upon completion of the training the participants can attend the exam for certification according to ISO 9712 and SNT-TC-1A.

Examinations are held in two stages, including written and practical. After the written exam is performed to calibrate the device with different probes and discontinues are determined on samples and the preparation of the acceptance report.

Providing sufficient success in the exam then awarded certificates.