Gloss Meter


Gloss and Haze measurement is essential where an aesthetic appearance of the coating finish is required and to ensure uniformity of the surface finish.

The gloss value is determined by directing a light, which has a similar wavelength to the human eye, at the test surface and measuring the amount of specular reflection.
Gloss is measured with angles of 60° and 20°.
The 60° angle is universal for all applications.
The 20° angle gives improved differentiation of measurement on high-gloss coatings above 70 gloss units.

Compact and portable, the Gloss Meter is one of the most advanced Gloss Meters available.
By using tungsten halogen lamps and optical filters the light source has a similar spectro-response to the human eye,
giving true human photo-optic performance, which is essential for ensuring exact compliance to International Standards.
Optical bench accuracy and stability are obtained by the optics being set in a precision-engineered aluminium block.

Available in models of Standard and Top. All functions are easily accessible through a menu-driven back-lit display.

Available in models of Standard and Top.
All functions are easily accessible through a menu-driven back-lit display.

Calibrate on the supplied Gloss Tile or any other value Gloss Tile.

STATISTICS. Continually shows Mean, Number of Readings, Max/Min, Coefficient of Variation and Standard Deviation.

LIMITS. Pass and fail with audible and visual alarm.

All the functions of the Standard Model plus the following:

BATCHING. Measurements that are taken can be stored into batches which incorporate batch number, unique job number, and date and time.
You can also go back to previous batches and look at the
statistics and add or cancel readings from previous batches.

DOWNLOAD. Enables all measurements, statistics and out-of-limit readings to be downloaded to a computer either by batch number or job number into Microsoft Word or Excel.

The Calibration Certificates with traceability to BAM are an optional extra.
The Certificates are supplied as hard copy and are available online through the Calibration Portal (under Browse Categories) on our website.
The Calibration Portal lists all your equipment calibrated by Paint Test Equipment, showing the renewal dates and enabling Calibration Certificates to be viewed at any time.

All models are supplied in an industrial foam-filled Carrying Case with Gloss Tile and Charger.
The Top Model is also supplied with USB Download Cable and Download Software.

Models and Accessories: 




Standart Gloss Meter 60⁰ 0-100 GU


Standart Gloss Meter 60⁰/20⁰/Haze 0-100 GU


Gloss Meter Top 60⁰ 0-100 GU


Gloss Meter Top 60⁰/20⁰/Haze 0-100 GU


Gloss Meter Calibration Certificate


Calibration Tile Calibration Certificate