SVOD SYSTEM Visual Detection Of Defects

The SVOD system for visual detection of defects has been designed for automated inspection of permanent way components.


The system provides for early detection of locations capable of causing an emergency due to some faulty or missing component. All acquired video data is precisely referenced to geographic and track coordinates. The system software provides the possibility of comparison with the data from other diagnostic systems installed on the vehicle. 

Employment of the SVOD system makes it possible to reveal in the real-time mode the faults of the permanent way which are critical for the rail traffic safety such as joint damages, cracks in the rails and sleepers, etc.

The system can be installed on any vehicle and makes it possible to perform continuous automated inspection of all permanent waycomponents within the assembled rails and sleepers. SVOD captures and processes high-resolution images from video cameras which are located in the immediate vicinity of the objects being monitored; therefore.

To provide for efficient equipment operation in all environmental conditions, the system can be equipped with liquid cooling and heating, dust removal, and heating, dust removal, and mechanical external wiper systems.


Parameter Value

Operating speed, km/h


Camera resolution, pixels


Frame rate, frames/s


Video data compression method


Number of video inspection channels


Range of operating temperatures, °C