Another device for railway track monitoring and inspection, which is popular with customers, is the DECART NDT/track geometry vehicle developed by TVEMA in 2009. It has been manufactured with due regard to innovations in railway infrastructure management, introduced by OAO RZD (Russian Railways). 

The DECART diagnostic vehicle is manufactured on the basis of the model 61-4179 all-metal four-axle compartment passenger car produced by OAO Tverskoy Vagonostroitel’nyi Zavod (Tver Carriage-building Factory).It differs from the preceding generation of VD series inspection vehicles by offering more comfortable equipment of the operating compartment and by its excellently furnished crew leisure compartments.

The vehicle is equipped with a state-ofthe-art HVAC system, an independent power supply system, fire protection system and other life support systems perfectly complying with the respective world standards on thermal, vibration and noise protection. All this makes it ideal for comfortable and safe work and crew leisure. DECART diagnostic vehicles are designed and built with due consideration on requirements of ergonomics, operability, and safety. The leisure compartment is furnished with all necessary household equipment for long-term stays of the crew in a self-contained environment.

The DECART NDT/track geometry vehicle is intended for in travel, continuous inspection and assessment of the condition of the railway track.

The DECART vehicle is equipped with an automated system for decoding and processing track measurement data and a system for visual detection of rail and permanent way component defects. It can simultaneously analyse NDT data and track geometry. The vehicle provides diagnostics of railway tracks with 1520 (1524) gauge, detecting all defects and at the same time monitoring and assessing rail track geometry of the main and side tracks under load. The track material and composition should comply with the normative regulations.

A very important advantage of the DECART vehicle is the operability in any season and any time of day in conditions of snow/rain precipitation, at temperatures ranging from -40°C to +45°C and air relative humidity up to 98%. 

Employing DECART NDT/track geometry vehicle on the domestic railways should make it possible to reduce the operating costs of track and rail inspection by 20%-30% thanks to reduced expenditures on servicing personnel and locomotive operators.


Parameter Value

Number of operators’ workplaces


Error in track coordinate, %


Deviation of track gauge standard (1520 mm) [gauge], mm


Relative position of both rail threads by height [level], mm


Rail thread sag, mm


Camber of rail thread in the horizontal plane with respect to straight chorde of 21.5 m length measured at 4.1 m from chorde end [alignment], mm



Number of channels:

• ultrasonic

• magnetic




Wheelbase, mm


Bogie type


Minimum curve radius, m:

• passed in inspecting position

• passed in transport position


300 (120*)


Power supply equipment:

• Diesel generator, kVA



Power consumed by vehicle consumers:

• supplied from diesel generator, kW

• supplied from external source, kW




Vehicle mass, kg


Overall dimensions, mm:

• coupled length

• width

• width (at observation window level)

• height (from rail head level)






Speed, km/h:

• transport

• inspecting


≤60 (80*)


Contact liquid stock, m³


 * only track geometry equipment operating