Diagnostic Systems For Metros

Ensuring traffic safety in the Metro is of paramount importance. Metros are involved in daily passenger traffic numbering millions of persons, but the underground location of metro tracks increases the risk level.

Of key importance for a metro facility are the monitoring and the inspection of its tracks, in order to provide preventive care and to eliminate various rail track defects and malfunctions. For this purpose, various measuring and diagnostic equipment is employed.

However, starting from the 1990s the rate of aging and obsolescence of the Metro in Russia began to exceed the rate of upgrading. This demanded the urgent need for development and implementation of inspection equipment and software meeting modern requirements.

In the early 2000s, the management of TVEMA responded to a call from the Moscow Metro for the development of mobile diagnostic equipment (NDT vehicle and geometry vehicle) of a new generation based on cutting-edge, innovative technologies. Engineers and designers of TVEMA involved in the development of new mobile diagnostic systems took into consideration the fact that the Moscow Metro is the oldest and the largest in

this country. Therefore, the keystone in designing diagnostic equipment for this metro was ensuring its reliability and long life.

TVEMA has completed the development of novel diagnostic systems providing inspection of all subway  infrastructure facilities: rail track geometry, automation and telemetry devices, signalling and catenary facilities, clearance profiles, etc.Taking into account the needs of the Moscow and St. Petersburg Metros, the Company specialists has developed track geometry vehicles, NDT vehicles, and the SYNERGY diagnostic train which

is the metro analogue of the INTEGRAL diagnostic train operated on the railways of Russia.

The SYNERGY diagnostic train features well-reputed TVEMA diagnostic systems for:

• rail NDT;

• rail track geometry measurements;

• visual inspection of the permanent way;

• scanning of clearance profile; as well as new, dedicated metro systems for:

• recognition of electronic marks;

• measurement of conductor rail parameters.

The official representatives of PRC railways and the management of Beijing and Shanghai Metros have announced their interest in these and other metro solutions from TVEMA. At present, TVEMA designers together with CSR plant (PRC) are developing the diagnostic railcar for the railways and metros of PRC. This cooperation will substantially broaden the range of TVEMA products and will bring the Company to a higher level of development through access to new markets. 

We believe that, employing diagnostic vehicles and other inspection equipment on the Metros of your country opens new prospects for increasing the reliability of underground transport operations and passenger safety.