LDM-1-RS Road-Rail Mobile Rail Lubricator

The LDM-1-RS road-rail mobile rail lubricator is a reworked all-road car UAZ-31-63 – Patriot. 

The LDM-1-RS road-rail mobile rail lubricator is intended for the lubrication of switches, frogs, and rails in the curves of the station and low-density railway tracks where the use of the rail lubrication vehicles is impractical and economically inefficient. 

The car is a unique high-tech rail lubrication system of a new generation, previously mounted only on the  carriages. The highest performance of the system based on the intellectual control substantially saves the material and human resources, as well as the time for the rail lubrication which is the crucial process for increasing the lifetime of the carriage wheels and the railway track and for providing the safety of the railway

traffic. The superior energy saving effect of the rail lubricator means that the specific consumption of the lubricant does not exceed 0.35 litres per 1 km of the curved rail, irrespective of the travel speed. Another feature of the system that makes it different from other existing lubrication solutions is the minimized environmental impact.  This is the unrivalled system. 

LDM-1-RS road-rail mobile rail lubricator comprises:

• all-road car;

• road-rail system;

• operator’s workstation;

• SSPS KH traffic safety system;

• rail lubrication assembly. 

The rail lubrication assembly comprises the systems for:

• lubricant filling;

• lubricant storage;

• lubricant supply to the nozzles with GPS/ GLONASS control unit;

• lubricant supply onto the rails;

• video monitoring and logging of the lubrication process.



Parameter Value

Track gauge, mm

1520, 1435, 1676

Number of the rail lubricator control stations, pcs


Minimum radius of the lubricated curve, m


Transport speed:

• on railway

• on motorway




Operating speed, km/h

Up to 40

Dry rail breaking distance from maximum speed≤20 m


Traffic safety system


Lubricant type


Lubricant tank capacity, l