AVL-P Emergency Repair Laboratories

Sudden and serious malfunctions of the railway track, which may potentially result in emergency situations, require immediate elimination and therefore a prompt delivery of the mobile repair crew and tools to the problem site. 

The AVL-P emergency track repair laboratories, unprecedented in Russia and CIS countries, were designed by TVEMA to cope with these tasks.

The AVL-P emergency track repair laboratory is a reworked road-rail car GAZ-3284, which is known for high mobility and excellent cross-country ability. Due to roadrail equipment, AVL-P may travel not only on road and cross-country terrain, but also on railway tracks.

AVL-P can transport up to 10 people and ensures that the following repair works are promptly carried out:  surfacing, tamping, alignment, emergency replacement of defective rails, etc.

The laboratory can be equipped with various equipment, including power tools, for track repair works. These include:

RMK-M rail cutting machine, STR2 rail drilling machine, RG6 hydraulic aligner, DGP 12-200 hydraulic jack, P25-2 rail gap adjuster, ESHP9MZ track tamping machine, EPKZ spike hammers, etc.

The power supply for the track repair tools is provided by portable gasoline generators installed on AVL-P.

The emergency repair laboratory now makes it possible to perform scheduled maintenance and repair works for catenary.

To this end, the TVEMA specialists have developed a special version of the laboratory designated as AVL-K.


Parameter value

Number of seats

Up to 10*

Operating temperature range, ˚C

-40 ... 50

Operating speed, railway track, km/h

Up to 50

Mass, kg


Power of the portable power station, kWA


Operating speed, motorway, km/h


 * variants with up to 18 seats are available