SKAT Ultrasonic Ndt Analyzers

SKAT single-thread ultrasonic NDT analyzer. Its design incorporates the experience of the world’s leading manufacturers and the know-how, which the Company acquired in the course of more than a decade while building previous generation flaw detectors. Not surprisingly, from the very moment of its production, it gained popularity with railway track operators. 

The advantageous features of SKAT compared to devices of competitors in this segment are: its light weight, compactness, long operating time without battery recharge, a powerful processor with flexible user-friendly software, a wide range of signal logging, and its stability with respect to rapid changes in ambient temperature.

This offers convenient and highly reliable application of SKAT at any moment for secondary manual track inspection following mobile inspection and in the sections where application of mobile diagnostic systems is hampered or too expensive, e.g. at switchyard switches and the side tracks or crane tracks of industrial facilities.

SKAT constitutes a classical NDT system of ultrasonic units equipped with a microprocessor, with a control panel and a numerical display. It also has a battery power supply unit and a canister with contact liquid. During its pedestrian-speed travel, SKAT is sounding the rail thread and logging the signals from any defects detected along the entire length and across the entire width of the rail, excluding rail base plates, rail web areas and rail base under bolt holes. The wide dynamic range of the logged signals increases decoding performance enormously and, with it, inspection reliability.

The device implements the function of acoustic contact monitoring in each channel throughout all transmit/receive cycles. Consecutive energising of transducers prevents spurious signal appearance for any probe transducer configuration. This simplifies the decoding procedure and increases inspection reliability. The information acquired is displayed online as A or B scans on the microprocessor display and simultaneously recorded to the memory chip for further processing. The handy control panel and the flexible software enable the operator to easily combine piezoelectric transducers in the device’s ultrasonic units and to use various ultrasonic checking patterns depending on operating conditions of a particular track section.

SPRUT and SKAT electronic units differ only by their firmware, hence they are interchangeable (the program for changing the firmware comes with the supplied application software). The application software itself is cross-functional.

The SKAT NDT analyser meets the international standard ISO 12710:2002 “Non-destructive testing – Ultrasonic inspection - Evaluating electronic characteristics of ultrasonic test instruments” and provides for detection of rail defects according to the international index UIC Code 712 R “Rail defects”.


Parameter Value

Operating speeds, km/h


Track coordinate error, %


Number of ultrasonic channels


Gain range, dB


Device power supply from DC source with voltage, V


Device continuous work time without battery recharge, h


Memory capacity for track information storage, km


Operating temperature range, °С


Mass of the equipped inspection bogie with the microprocessor unit, kg,


Overall dimensions, mm


Contact liquid stock , l


 Detected defects:

According to NTD-TsP-1-93:10.1-2, 11.1-2, 17.1-2, 20.1-2, 21.1-2, 24, 25, 26.3, 27.1-2, 30G.1-2, 30V.1-2, 38.1, 52.1-2, 53.1-2, 55, 56.3, 66.3, 69, 70.1-2, 79, DR.21.2, DO.20.2, DSN.20.2, DO.60.2, DSN.60.2, DUN.21.2, DU.22.2

According to UIC Code 712 R: UIC111/211, UIC411.1/421/431, UIC471/481, UIC112/212, UIC113/213, UIC133/233, UIC132.1/232.1, UIC132.2/232.2, UIC135/235/236, UIC154/254, UIC100/200, UIC301/302, UIC412/422, UIC127/237, UIC125/225, UIC124/224, UIC133/233, UIC154/254