NDT Inspection Services

Our company was first established in 2005, order to provide Industrial Inspection Services with certified professionals and experienced personnel.  We are working solutions in projects with foreign partners in Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and Russia offices.

Our Company sale Quality control and NDT equipments and training and certifications NDT personnels as well as NDT Inspection Services. 

NDT Services:  

We provide service to industrial facilities / sectors:

  • Petro-Chemical Plants
  • Power Stations
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Endustrial Plants
  • Pipelines (metal and polythene)
  • Steel Plants
  • Metal Productions and Contruction Sectors
  • Transportation and Infrastructure Sector

 Inspection of Welds in Gas/Oil Pipeline

  • Automatic ultrasonic controls
  • Manual ultrasonic controls
  • Radiographic controls
  • Liquid penetrant services
  • Magnetic particule services

 Inspection of Welds in Polyethylene Pipe Lines

  • Semi-Automatic ultrasonic controls

 Corrosion Detection in Pipe Systems

  • Examination of corrosion in the outer surface of closed pipe system
  • examination of corrosion in the external surface of the inaccessible pipe
  • The external surface which can not be examined, one end of the tube that can be opened from inside the pipe inspection system
  • Insulated pipes (insulation without removing) examination

 Storage Tank Inspection

Cylindrical Storage Tanks

  • Corrosion detection in accordance with API 653 standard in side and roof sheets
  • 100% corrosion detection in accordance with API 653 standard in side first sheet
  • Corrosion detection from outside in tanks floor steel without tank emptied
  • Weld leaks controls in tank bottom plates
  • Inspection of the weld after repair the tank bottom plates

 Spherical Storage Tanks

  • Corrosion detection in spherical tanks feet over the around concrete
  • External corrosion inspection the spherical steel tank body, without draining the tank
  • internal and external examination in spherical tank body weld seams


  • Detection of faults in the manufacture and joining weld of rails
  •  Automated process control system of measurement and detection of faults
  • Faults detection in train wheels
  • Measurement and Diagnostic Systems

Port Pier Piling Pipes 

  • Corrosion detection of the piers pipes in under and above water

Pressure Vessels

  • Corrosion measurement in pressure vessels
  • Pressure vessel welds control

Steam Turbines

 The detection of errors caused by cracks in the working conditions of the turbine auxiliary equipment such as compressors, steam turbine rotors, turbine blades.