Founded in 1989, TVEMA is the global leader in design, manufacture and distribution of railway safety systems.

 At present TVEMA is a rapidly growing international holding with the management company located in Moscow,  five subsidiaries in Russia and regional offices in Germany, PRC and Ukraine.

 The scientific, technological and production potential enables us to develop exclusive and unprecedented products for rail traffic safety. These are diagnostic vehicles and trains for railway infrastructure inspection, railway management systems, stationary rolling stock control systems; mobile laboratories based on various vehicle

types, manual and mobile diagnostic systems, etc. All products incorporate the proprietary software.

1)        Railways Measurement and Diagnostic Systems

2)        Railways Control Vehicles

3)        Railways Maintenance Vehicles

4)        Diagnostic Software and Hardware Services for Railways

5)        Railways Test - Maintenance - Training Services

CORROCONT group established in 1990 in Budapest and the 3 rd year of operation has been one of market leaders in cathodic protection and corrosion monitoring surveys of oil storage tanks and pipelines. The Company has ferefences from more than 55 countries wordwide.

Domestic and international success resulted in the opening of branch offices in the United Kingdom, Kuwait and Slovakia. These offices enable Corrocont to be effective in Europe, the Middle-East and worldwide.

The company operates in all types of corrosion related works; the main field of its operation is the diagnostic testing and cathodic protection of metal structures and pipelines in the oil and gas industries.

1.  Industrial safety inspection

2.  Compliance with technical regulations of the elevator regulations

3.  Non-destructive testing and definition

5.  Installation of the elevator modernization


Pipeline Control Service, LCC (TKC LLC) was established in 2001 and is s leading provider of services and solutions in the field on nondestructive testing.

Pipeline Control Service, LCC, has an inventory of state to art and high-tech equipment, Professional personnel and permit documents required to take on any Project related to pipeline and infrastructure Quality control.

NDT personnel certification according to ISO 9712 and PED

1. Training, qualification and certification of NDT personnel according to ISO 9712 standards

2. Training, qualification and certification NDT personnel of pressure vessels according to  97/23 / EC Pressure Equipment Directive (PED)

3. Training, qualification and certification of NDT personnel according to GOST standards

4. Training, qualification and certification of staff can be involved in non-destructive testing in nuclear power plants

5. Training, qualification and certification of personnel according to EN 4179 standards

6. Training, qualification and certification of personnel according to ISO 11484 standards

7. Training, qualification and certification of personnel according to SNT-TC-1A