MVP-2M Multifunctional Eddy-Current Tester

Multifunctional Eddy-Current Tester  (thickness coating gauge/ferrite content meter / electrical conductivity meter)

Multifunctional MVP-2M Instrument with plug-in type smart probes is suited for fast, non-destructive and accurate measurement
- ferrite content on-site or in the lab according to the magnetic inductive method;  
- electrical conductivity of non-ferromagnetic metals by eddy-current method; 
- measurement of paint or non-ferrous metal coatings(e.g., chromium, copper, zinc, etc.) on steel using the magnetic induction method; 
- measurement of paint, enamel or plastic coatings on non-ferrous materials using eddy-current method.  

The test objects can be any products including with large sized with inaccessible measuring zone which have radius of curvature no more less 5 mm. Adjustable gain allows to operate with various probes and to test different metals. It is certificated by Gosstandart of Russia (the certificate RU.C.27.003.A № 16288 ) and it is registered in the National register of measuring instruments under №25869-03.

  • Indication of probe contact with test surface
  • Automatic switch-off if the probe contact will be absent for about 15 minutes
  • Average mode
  • Adjustable gain: 10 to 100 dB
  • The tester can automatically economize power if the contact will be absent during 10 seconds
  • Memory:5000 measurement results with possibility to display theirs on the indicator or to transfer to PC 
  • Possibility to program about 15 scales by using keypad or PC
  • Power units: built-in Li-Ion battery
  • Weight: 270 g

 Basic Delivery Set

  • МVP-2М main unit
  • Power supply
  • Ф010 probe (measures ferritic content)
  • PC interface RS 232
  • Operating manual
  • Software
  • Carry case

Universal Delivery Set

  • Basic Delivery Set
  • П020 probe (measures electrical conductivity)

Expert delivery set

  • Basic Delivery Set
  • П020 probe (measures electrical conductivity)
  • М020 probe (measures thickness from 0-2mm on ferromagnetic basis)
  • Н020 probe (measures thickness from 0-2 mm on non-ferromagnetic basis)


  • Ф010 (ferritic content, range 0,1-25%)
  • Ф480 (ferritic content, range 4-80%)
  • П020 (electrical conductivity, range 0,05-70 MS/m)
  • М120 (range 0-2mm, ferromagnetic)
  • М150 (range 0,05-5mm, ferromagnetic)
  • М215 (range 2-15mm, ferromagnetic)
  • H120 (range 0-2mm, non-ferromagnetic)
  • H150 (range 0,05-5mm, non-ferromagnetic)
  • H215 (range 2-15mm, non-ferromagnetic)

Related Products

  • Calibration Standard set for F010
  • Calibration Standard set for P020
  • Commercial Grade Shim Set КМТ-1 (5 plastic shims)

Commercial Grade Shim Set КМТ-2 (7 plastic shims + ferrous or non-ferrous zero plate)

 Technical Characteristics

Ferrite content measurement range

0.1% to 80%

Electrical conductivity measurement range

0.5 to 70 MS/m

Coating thickness measurement range

0 to 15 mm


10 to 100 dB


15 programmable direct from keypad  or by PC scales, up to 10 points  for linear approximation

Indication accuracy

1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 - is set at programming scales

Mains power

build-in Li-Ion battery or via external 
plug-in power unit 220 V AC

Battery operating time

not less than 50 hours

Operating voltage

5 V

Operating temperature

-10 C to +50 C

Basic Unit Dimensions (H x W x D)

150 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm


270 g