TM-2 Eddy Current Coating Thickness Gauge

Thickness gauge it is intended for measurement of a thickness of protective and decorative coatings (a paint, varnishes and etc.), put on a ferromagnetic or non-ferromegnetic material. 
Simplicity to use, absence of service functions such asmemory of results, programming of scales, averaging etc., but thus excellent measuring characteristics and low cost, do this device by the best in the ratio the price/quality. Thickness gauge is certificated of Gosstandart of Russia (the certifecate RU.C.27.003.A № 16287 ), is registered in the National registermeasurements instruments under №25868-03.

  • Use tables for measurement of a thickness of coverings on various materials
  • Possibility of calibration of the device on one type of a material (means of the manufacturer)
  • Mains power: 1 element of type "Кrona"
  • Weight 0.3 кg

Basic Delivery Set

  • ТМ-2 electronic unit with transducers
  • PC software support for scales calculation
  • Operating manual
  • Batteries
  • Transport bag

 Technical Characteristics

Coating thickness measurement range

20 to 2000 um

Thickness of test object

not less than 2 mm

Mains power

"Кrona" batterie type

Operating time

not less than 50 hours

Operating temperature

-10 C to +50 C

Base Unit Dimensions (H x W x D)

170 mm x 85 mm x 30 mm

Dimensions transducer (diameter х height)

22 mm x 55 mm


300 g