TM-4 Coating Thickness Gauge

  1. Thickness gauge has pattern approval sertificate (RU.C.27.003.A № 16287) of measurement instrumentand registered in the National register of measurements instruments under №25868-03.
  • Possibility of calibration to 15 approximate scales
  • Adjustable backlight of the screen
  • The mode of selective averaging
  • Memory: 5000 results measurement
  • Possibility to order transducers of various configurations
  • The mode of the automatic alarm system of defect
  • Mains power: internal LiIon battery
  • The mode of autoswitching-off

Basic Delivery Set

  • ТМ-4 main unit
  • Transducer M120 (0-2mm, ferrous materials)
  • RS232 cable
  • Software CD Rom
  • Operating manual
  • Transport bag

Universal Delivery Set

  • Basic Delivery Set
  • Transducer H120 (0-2мм, non-ferrous)


  • М120 (range 0-2mm, ferrous)
  • М150 (range 0,05-5mm, ferrous)
  • М215 (range 2-15mm, ferrous)
  • H120 (range 0-2mm, non-ferrous)
  • H150 (range 0,05-5mm, non-ferrous)
  • H215 (range 2-15mm, non-ferrous)

Related Products

  • Commercial Grade Shim Set КМТ-1 (5 plastic shims)
  • Commercial Grade Shim Set КМТ-2 (7 plastic shims + ferrous or non-ferrous zero plate)

 Technical Specification

Coating thickness measurement range

up to 15 000 um with different transducers

Indication accuracy

1, 0.1, 0.01 or 0.001 - is set at programming scales



15 programmable direct from keypad 
or by PC scales, up to 10 points for 
linear approximation

Software support



Mains power

internal Li-Ion battery

Operating time

not less 30 hours


after 90 sec

Operating temperature

-10 C to +50 C

Base Unit Dimensions (H x W x D)

150 mm x 80 mm x 40 mm


230 g