THVS-1M-AXYZF Fully Automatic Micro Vickers Hardness Test System
THVS-1M-AXYZF Fully Automatic Micro Vickers Hardness Test System is mainly used to test the micro Vickers hardness values for various metals and some non-metals materials. It is suitable to test hardness value for various parts such as machining parts, forging parts, cast iron and cast steel; non-ferrous metals and parts after heat treatment, etc. At the same time, it is also fit for testing the depth of effective hardened layers, coating layers and heat affected area of welding parts. Besides, it is used to observe the metallurgical structure inside the various kinds of metal parts and capture its images, display and print output, specially fit to test out the distribution curves of hardness gradient for work-pieces.

Main Functions:

1. Test table moves in Z axis direction automatically and image of indentation will be focused automatically as well.

2. Motorized turret with 2 different objectives 10X & 40X, it can scan the profile of specimen in larger range with lower amplification or accuracy measure the hardness value with higher amplification according to requirement.

3. The system can be used in whole or separate, it is very flexible. 

4. With built-in step motor to control the position of automatic test table, press the mouse to control, the system has multiple controlling models; therefore it is with high position precision, good repeatability precision, fast moving speed and high working efficiency.

5. The software can control the hardware operation of the hardness tester, they may communicate each other. 

6. The automatic position test table may move in double directions and equips up a safe device t o avoid the damage to the tester caused by error operations.

7. The image capturing device with fast reflecting speed, high automatic measuring accuracy and good repeatability improves the efficiency and precision of hardness test.

8. The thin test line with 1 pixel, measures fine test precision even when manually test.



THVS-M-AXYZF Automatic Test & Control System

System Description

After choose the test method, whole test process including the indentation pressing, dwelling, readout and data record will be continuously, promptly and automatically finished.

According to different requirements, selecting straiht line, Z-shaped line, circle, arc line, optional point, matrix or self learn method. By means of data handling software, the system increases the readable of non-clear indentation on not smoothsurface. The depth values of hardened layers which continuously from the specimen may be displayed as a table form. It is easy to output various data such as test data, Hardness value table, depth value of hardened layers, Max Value, Average Value and Min Value.

Hardness Tester Control

Automatically control the Hardness tester: motorized turret (automatically shift among the status of objective, indenter, onjective); automatically loading; automatic measuring control; set the luminosity of light source for micro Vickers hardness tester.

Select the exchange of controlling objective and change the calculating specifications which reflect at the software interface. Select or start to control the loading position which the indenter of Hardness tester will automatically turn for loading; loading, dwelling and unloading and automatically return back to measuring objective position.

The load value set on the Hardness tester will Display on the page of software.

Control method of test table moving (Patten)

The software system can control the motorized test tablet o move under instruction of program. It may:

1) Test mode (Random A)

      With this model to press indentation and readout it is data an optional point.

2) Test mode (Random B)

     Test and readout optional point. Turn optional angle to select the coordinate position.

3) Press and readout the indendation in cross direction (X axis direction)

4) Press and readout the indendation in longitudinal direction (X axis direction)

5) Test mode (Line Set A)

     With this test model to press indendation and readout at the direction with an angle to the surface. (Z-shaped moving, the broken line moving for depth test of hardened layer)

6) Test mode (Line Set B)

     With this test model to press indendation and readout at fixed intervals.

7) The pathway coordinate’s moving, etc to make program method.

     Above method can set 8 straight lines at same time, each line may set 999 position.

Test Method

Automatic mode: automatically load +  automatically measure + automatically display test result.  May select manually mode to test.

Image’s capture & recognation method

Adopt high Quality and high resolution camera with 1.3 MP. Lage size original image can be captured and many image compressing methods are easy to use (normal file forms like BMP and JPG etc are used as storage forms for image’s capturing and test results).

Adopted technique of Pixel recognition the automatic Vickers indendation test system anayses the image of indendation by means of special Vickers hardnes indendation analysis software.  The analysis software adopts digitai image handling technique, the edge cut algoritm to pick up the edge of test indendation; analyses the signals picked up from the test indendation with the wavelet multi resolution theory; and use last square method to fit the straight line at the edge of indendation, then pick up the indendation edge of micro hardness.  Realize to quickly and accurately pick up the indendation edge range of microstructure Vickers Hardness test and automatically calculate the Vickers Hardness values. Increase the readable for non-clear indendation on the not smooth plane.

Automatic test time

About 0.3 second per indendation

Test Repeatability

±1.0% (700HV/500gf)

Min. testable indentation

About 5um (automatically test)

Min. test unit



Chinese (English, optional)

Data output forms  & edit functions

Make the inspection report according to client’s requirement:

With data handling software, the hardened layer’s depth values caused from continuously test of specimen may be displayed in table form. It can easy output the various test data such as table of hardness values, depth values of hardened layers, Max value, average value and Min value. Display and output the color image with hardness values.

The hardness value, Hardness table, depth drawing of hardened layers and image or inserted data etc, can be edited in “WORD” (or “EXCEL”) flexibly and printed out the test report including mathematical statistics and depth values curce lines of hardened layers, stored in Word (or Excel) form. The shaped drawing of speciment can be printed out, observed and stored. The indentation and its background microstructure can be reflected, at the same time, do metallurgical analysis and observation under the objectives of different amplification.