A1209 Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

New performance for reliable measurements!

New ultrasonic thickness gauge A1209 is the bestway applicable for measuring thickness of pipes, boilers, vessels and variety of other metal parts.


1) Patented algorithm of adaptation to roughness and curvature of the tested surface. This enables measuring both highly corroded small diameter pipes and flat parts with smooth surfaces without any additional setup operations, making operator`s work easier and quicker.

2) Large, informative, sunlight readable TFT display.

3) Compatible with the whole range of dual-element probes, supplied by ACSYS, including high-temperature transducer (from -20 °С to +200 °С).

4) Light shockproof housing.

5) Three-level indication of signal quality.

6) Variable displayed resolution 0.01 / 0.001 provides max. measurement precision.

7) Setting GATES for easier measurements in limited ranges, using the built in STROBE function.

8) Calibration on material (with known thickness) for precise ultrasound velocity measurement.

9) Nonvolatile memory for 50.000 readings, which can be organized in groups by the needs of  operator.

10) High-speed USB connection to PC for further processing and archiving with special software.

11) The longer continuous operation time thanks to the built-in LiIon battery, which can be charged both from the socket and the PC using USB cable. That is especially a great advantage for the work in field.

12) Optionally: the “A1209+” version available for operation also with one-element probe.


1) Thickness measurement in the range 0,7-300 mm on steel, that is totally covers the most cases.

2) Thickness measurement of pipe wall, boilers, vessels from metals and plastics with surface roughness of up to Rz 160 and curvature radius from 3 mm.

3) Detection of pitting corrosion of more than 4mm2 in size.

 Extra Features

  • Sound and Vibro-indication
  • Battery indicator
  • Signal quality and measuring mode indications
  • Additional information parameters on the display
  • Automatic switch off 


Thickness gauge A1209 works with dual-element probes with operation frequencies from 2,5 to 10 MHz manufactured by Acoustic Control Systems Ltd. The standard delivery kit contains D1771 dual-element probe on 4 MHz.



Thickness measurement range(for steel):

0,8 ÷ 300 mm

Reading resolution

0,1/0,01 mm

Material velocity range

1000 ÷ 9999 m/s

Dispaly type

TFT display

Power supply

LiIon storage battery

Continuous operation time

10 h



Size of D1771 probe surface:

Ø12 mm

Operating temperature range

-20°C ÷ +50°C

Size of electronic unit:

157 x 70 x 23 mm

Weight of electronic unit

250 g

Standart Delivery Kit



A1209 - electronic unit of an ultrasonic thickness gauge


LEMO-LEMO double cable, 1,2 m


D1771 4MHz probe


USB A-Mini B(5P) cable


Software for data transmission to PC


220V USB adapter


Soft bag