GABARIT-M High-Speed 3D Scanning

In the modern world of high speed and ever increasing freight traffic, one of the most tedious tasks is maintenance of tunnels and artificial structures. To ensure meeting the requirements set for tunnel condition and to prevent violation of the clearance and inter-track profiles, it is vital to periodically carry out instrumental inspection of these parameters. State-of-the-art manual measurements fail to comply with a number of criteria in quality, speed, and schedule of inspections. 

The specialists of TVEMA have developed the GABARIT-M system for high-speed 3D scanning for: inspection of tunnel condition, analysis of the ballast prism parameters and checking of compliance with the clearance and inter-track profiles. This enables our customers to provide regular high-speed diagnostics of these infrastructure facilities and to guarantee traffic safety on the sections which have been checked. The system may comprise high-speed and ultra-high-speed scanning systems. 

High-speed scanning system

To perform a broad range of tasks, we recommend the use of a high-speed scanning system installed on an inspection train or vehicle. This system was developed especially for severe operating conditions and ensures year-round measurements of infrastructure facilities at speeds up to 140 km/h with sampling steps not exceeding 0.2m.

The system is based on a laser scanner and the phase-shift measurement principle. High precision and perfect workmanship make it possible to achieve the least possible error in the entire operating range.

Integration capabilities of the system provide for implementation of such functions as shared access to the scanning data and the information from video monitoring and track geometry measurement systems. 

Ultra-high-speed scanning systems

This cutting-edge, ultra-high-speed scanning system is a unique know-how employing state-of-the-art development of industry leaders.

The system developed for ultra-high speed comprises 1 to 6 high-speed laser scanners providing impressive results with minimum inspection sampling steps (0.05 m at 320 km/h) and preserving high image resolution.

The ultra-high-speed scanning system may be employed at high-speed railway sections where it is Impossible to arrange traffic gaps for inspection, while the need for thorough and regular inspections dictates extraordinary requirements for inspection trains.

One of the basic advantages of our scanning systems is the unique dedicated software perfectly tailored to daily efficient operation. The innovative filtering and compression system makes it possible to use only relevant information, while smart data analysis algorithms and the customer’s information system interface modules

provide for prompt implementation of the measurement systems in existing diagnostic technologies.

This system, together with modules for interfacing track section databases and modules for information import from other measurement systems ensure a high quality condition of infrastructure facilities. The software modules generate the following analytical and accounting data required for efficient infrastructure management:

• 2- and 3D mapping of the inspected track section superimposed with videos showing the intrusion of objects in the preset clearance profile: areas and sizes;

• measured inter-track clearance profile;

• localising ballast prism maintenance;

• 2- and 3D imaging of tunnels with automatic detection of wall defects;

• contact wire position;

• out-of-gauge areas report;

• tunnel condition report;

• ballast prism condition report;

• overall track condition report. 

Employment of cutting-edge equipment and dedicated software offer high-quality regular inspections that efficiently replace manual parameter measurements, thereby enhancing operational safety of track sections and reducing the cost of diagnostics.


Parameter Value


High-Speed System (CPS)

Ultra-High-Speed System (HSP)

Operating speed, km/h



Operating temperature, °С



Laser safety class

3B (DIREN60825-1)

3B (DIREN60825-1)

Number of laser semsors


Up to 6

Sampling rate, Hz

1 000 000

Up to 6 000 000

Scanning rate, Hz

Up to 200

Up to 1660

Distance between sections, m



Number of points per section



Operating range, m



Viewing angle, °



Measurement precision, mm

0.2 (90% points)

0.2 (90% points)