THVS-M Vickers Hardness Measuring System

THVS-M Vickers Hardness Measuring System

1.This system can match a variety of Vickers hardness tester to upgrade stand-alone hardness tester or computer measuring system.

2.Suitable for micro and Vickers hardness tester, the maximum test force can be 1, 5, 10, 30, 50Kg.

3.Image with high resolution and indentation measurement by manual;

4.Digital X-axis value, and automatically enter the program automatically generates the deep layer of hardness distribution curve (option);

5.Calibration using micrometer or hardness block, can be calibrated automatically;

6.Hardness converted to other hardness scales according to ASTM standard.

7.Statistics for hardness values and alarm for hardness values out of range;

8.Easy to install, use laptops instead of desktop computers;

9.Interface is simple and easy to use without training;

10.Test reports can be customized; all testing data can be saved for long time and easy for historical inquiry.

11.Digital camera with 1280*1080 pixels, 1/2-inch, USB 2.0.

Optional Accessories:

1.Digital X-Y Stage 1pc

Digital accuracy of X & Y axis: 1μm.

The position of X axis can enter into the hardness measuring program directly, and the program can automatically calculate hardness along depth distribution curve and effective hardened layer depth.

2.Lenovo Computer 1pc