А2075 SoNet Noncontact Ultrasonic Scanner-Flaw Detector

Noncontact ultrasonic scanner-flaw detector А2075 SoNet is applicable for automatic search of flaws in the metal pipe’s walls of 720 ÷ 1420 mm in diameter and with thickness starting from 6mm.

Mainly the instrument is used as a part of flaw detection sets. Such flaw detection sets are used for searching flaws in gas pipelines, oil pipelines and products pipe line during major repairs or during the construction process

The inspection is conducted by an inline automatic moving of the inspecting part of a flaw detector along generatrix on the external surface of a pipe. Thanks to the effect of guided-wave ultrasound propagation in a pipe’s wall, flaw detection on its full-circle is provided. An image of a pipe’s weep is made right during the scanning that helps to respond promptly to flaws coming up, to plot the coordinates, to estimate their type and shape using standard tools of nondestructive testing.


  • Operating principle of the scanner- flaw detector is a wave guided pulse echo inspection technique Excitation (sending) and receiving of ultrasonic waves in a pipe’s body is made without a contact (without using a couplant) with a help of electro-magnetic acoustic (EMA) transducers.
  • Detection of a stress-corrosion and corrosion flaws in the pipe’s body. Detection of flaws in flats (sheet products) with indication of flaw’s quantity, relative dimensions and locations (coordinates).
  • Wi-Fi connection between the PC and the scanner-flaw detector А2075 SoNet provides a great mobility and the possibility for the operator to conduct testing remotely.
  • An image of a pipe’s weep is made right during the scanning, that helps to respond promptly to flaws coming up and helps to decide if an additional inspection with the other NDT methods is necessary.
  • Continuing documentation of the results as a scanning image of the pipe.
  • Efficient review of the collected scan images in the screen of the Notebook.
  • Post-processing of the scan images along with recording of the location, orientation and the type of the flaws.
  • Time required to set up the instrument and start inspection is just 3 minutes.
  • The possibility to upload the data from intratubal inspection and attach it to the main report.
  • Module design of the instrument makes it possible to to promptly replace a broken module on-the-site by only one user of the instrument.
  • Portability – the instrument can be carried by 2 people and can be operated by 1 user.


  • Efficiency – up to 7 meters per minute;
  • Sensitivity – detecting surface longitudinal splits and corrosion from 1mm in depth;
  • А2075 SoNet is able to work on the pipe that has been earlier shelled from the old isolation. The scanner ensures 100% recurrence of the data.
  • The scanner-flaw detector provides a higher percentage of detectability of stress-corrosion flaw and delaminations comparing the result of a intratubal flaw-detector.
  • Reliability – operating temperature range from -30° to 50°С;




Preset velocity, m/s


Operation frequency, MHz


Tuning range of the calibrated amplifier, dB

0 - 40

Limit of the acceptable basic absolute error in measuring of the coordinates of the flaws along the circumference of the pipe, mm, not more than


Limit of the acceptable basic absolute error in measuring of the coordinates of the flaws endwise the pipe, mm, not more than


Maximal sensitivity of the receiver, mkV, not less than


Measurement error of the amplitude ratio of signals at the receiver input, dB, not more than


Power supply

Accumulator units

Nominal voltage of battery units, V


Time of continuous operation from battery modules under normal climatic conditions, hours, not less than


Dimensions, mm


Weight, kg, not more than


Average error-free running time, hours


Mean lifetime, years, not less than


Operation conditions:

- air temperature, ºC

from -40 to +50

- relative air humidity at a temperature of +35 °С, %, not more than


Delivery kit


Quantity, pcs.

PC-Panasonic Toughbook CF-U1


Charging unit with cable for PC


Receiver-transmitter unit (RTU)


Charging unit with cable for accumulator unit of (RTU)


Transfer platform


Block of the electro-magnetic acoustic transducer


Transportation packing for scanning device


Transportation packing for RTU, PC and spare parts


Passport (can be sent electronically)


Operation manual (can be sent electronically)


The standard (technique) of ultrasonic testing of a pipe’s 
base metal with the non-contact ultrasonic scanner-flaw detector A2075 SoNet (can be sent electronically)


CD with the documents and Software( items can be sent electronically)


List of spare parts and tools is specified in the following chart


Quantity, pcs.

Inductor of the electro-magnetic acoustic transducer


Cross screwdriver


Flat-blade screwdriver


Set of allen keys


Allen key for the encoder


Block of the electro-magnetic acoustic transducer


A2075 SoNet can be supplied with the additional items:

  • Charging unit with cable for accumulator unit of (RTU);
  • Accumulator for PC;
  • Check sample (samples) from the RB105 kit depending on the diameter of the testing pipe;
  • Check sample for A2075 SoNet;
  • Magnetic reflector for A2075 SoNet;
  • Calibration procedure.