A2051 ScaUT Ultrasonic Scanner–Flaw Detector

Ultrasonic scanner – flaw detector А2051 ScaUT is intended for complex automated inspection of welding lines in metal structures with thicknesses of the welded pieces from 4 to 40 mm and curvature radius of the outer surface from 300 mm.


  • Scanner – flaw detector А2051 ScaUT is intended for complex automated weld inspection of metal structures with thicknesses from 4 to 40 mm and radius of curvature of the outer surface from 300 mm.
  • Ultrasonic method provides thickness measurements of objects, detection and ranking flaws of the weld: pores, lack of penetration, drossy inclusions, cracks, cuts and laminationsin the near-weld area.
  • Laser-optic method provides measurements of weld edge offset, sizes and profile of the reinforcement bead, finding and measuring flaws on the surface of the near-weld area.
  • The main application field of А2051 ScaUT is the production and exploitation inspection of pipelines.


  • Ultrasonic inspection is based on two multi-element antenna arrays and digital focusing aperture (DFA) algorithm, which provides the maximum possible for ultrasound sensitivity to flaws, selecting of their types, measuring equivalent cross-section area and full inspection of the whole welding line and near-weld area.
  • A stable acoustic contact with low flow rate and possibility to inspection not less than 10 running meters of the weld by one full tank is provided due to automatic liquid supply from the tank through injectors under the antenna arrays.
  • Apart from visual inspection, laser-optical channel, continuously measures the position of the antenna arrays relative to the axis of weld what is used for correction of a trajectory of movement.
  • Transmission system is based on magnetic motor-wheel, which provides safe movement and keeps it on all circumference of the pipe and also presses antenna arrays to the surface.
  • Mechanical switch of the magnetic field allows removing or setting up scanner on the surface of pipe without any problem.
  • 3D inclination angle sensor and GPS / GLONASS / Galileo positioning system provide georeferencing of the collected data.
  • Bluetooth headset (headphone) of the operator allows watching the process of inspection in loud areas and with the button on the headset remote controlling the movement of the scanner – flaw detector.
  • Controlling all the components of device during scanning, data handling and keeping the results of measurements is made by electronic unit of scanner-flaw detector.
  • Protocol of inspection with the list of detected defects, their characteristics and the results of compliance testing of weld of the regulations of rejection are displayed on integrated display.
  • Lithium-ferrum-polymer battery, built in the electronic unit provides continuous work for 4 hours with a full cycle recharge in 15 minutes.
  • Monoblock body of the device allows to transport and operate scanner-flaw detector by only one operator.


A2051 ScaUT has three main modes:

WELD mode: WELD mode is designed for a general assessment of the welded joint. 

EDGE mode: EDGE mode is intended for an overall assessment of offset edge of the weld. 

ANALYSIS mode: ANALYSIS mode is designed for a detailed examination of the structure of the weld, with the display of information about the nature and quantity of fixed defects and offset of edges. 

Technical characteristics



Sensitivity to flaws in the welding line, sq. mm

from 0,5

Accuracy of weld line geometry measurements, mm


Scanning speed, m/min


Thicknesses range, mm

from 4 to 40

Contact liquid tank volume, L


Radius of curvature of the outer surface, mm

from 300

Material velocity range, m/s

from 1 000 to 9 999

Operation time, h, not less than


Sizes, mm


Weight, kg, not more than


Operating temperature range

from – 20 to +50 °С