PT-10 Track Geometry Inspection Bogies

Railway traffic safety is directly related to proper track geometry. Therefore, monitoring the parameters of track geometry is indispensable in railway operations. There exist various devices for this purpose, but the most practical are budget-friendly and robust manual geometry inspection bogies, which are especially popular with facilities having their own side track and repair tracks requiring daily inspection and maintenance. 

The computerised geometry inspection bogies of PT series manufactured by TVEMA became one of the most popular in the diagnostic industry in various regions of this country and in the CIS states. This is due, first of all, to their robust and simple design, which ensures operation in all climatic conditions, as well as to their  comprehensive and flexible software. By measuring the track geometry parameters and processing them in the same format as used by inspection vehicles, PT-10, a new solution from TVEMA, provides full-scale analysis of the current track condition, as well as it forecasts its future condition and possible malfunctions.

When moved manually along the rails, the sensors of PT-10 inspection bogie automatically measure rail track level, gauge, and the track coordinate. The information is logged and displayed on the indicator display. The acquired results are stored in the built-in microprocessor’s non-volatile memory for further transmission via the communication adapter to the enterprise computer of the track facilities. Because the inspection bogie operates on track in continuous mode irrespective of weather and illumination, it is vital to take care for its operators’ safety. Therefore, for better visibility it is painted in bright yellow or orange colour and is equipped with a holder for a warning flag or disk. High battery capacity facilitates operation of the bogie’s electronic equipment in completely standalone mode for several hours. The bogie can be employed the track sections equipped with automatic interlocking or without it. The bogie versions are available for railway tracks with 1520, 1435, 1067 and 1676 mm gauge.

The PT-10 computerised geometry inspection bogies represent an upgraded version of the PT-7MK and AKNOP track geometry inspection bogies. Long experience in application of the PT-7MK and AKNOP (more than 2000 items produced) has proven their reliability among the mid-level track maintenance specialists and has set a sort of standard for business rivals from third party vendors. These designs became a generic model for designing a number of promising railway track inspection and diagnostic systems. 

The PT-10 track geometry inspection bogies are equipped with an upgraded touchscreen display and  microprocessor which incorporated the state-of-the-art innovative technologies providing higher level of operating comfort.



Parameter Value

Track gauge measurement range, mm

1520, 1435, 1067, 1676

Limiting error of track gauge measurement, %


Level measurement range, mm


Limiting error of level measurement, mm





Automated detection of the following deviations from normative documentation

- widening;

- narrowing;

- twisting;

- smooth crosslevel deviations;

- adjacent crosslevel deviations;

- elevation gradients;

- gauge gradients

Communication interfaces


Continuous operation time with 1 battery, h


Range of operating temperatures, °C


Mass, kg